Going East to see Western:

My trip to Seoul, April 2009 by Joe Roberts


Our associate Mr.K's downstairs listening room. Only one wall of gear shown...there are more.


Mr. K's upstairs listening room...best bass I ever heard! Fantastic system! 12A horn was the best. The paper KS-7374 on the upper center was quite interesting also. Neumann lathe used to spin vinyl. This system did it all, including a mean Stevie Ray Vaughan.



"Camerata" Museum/Coffee shop run by our friend, Hwang In Yong, in the lovely Heyri Art Valley eco/art/archetecture cultural development in Paju-- a Seoul suburb near the North Korean border reclaimed for the generation of positive energies. A very impressive place and the perfect setting for this grand lsitenign room.

Mr. Hwang has a good collection of early German theater gear (believe they are Klangfilms built into the back wall) but has switched over to WECO. The 15A horns sound as big as they look! Note 597A tweeters bolted onto the LF baffles.




A video of Mr Hwang's "Camerata"...not my vid but captures some of the feeling of the place.